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iOS7 Screensaver for Leopard

Today seems like a customization day, and bodysoulspirit makes a iOS7 screensaver, however the installer is only for ML/Mavericks. With some tweaking with help from jrsx, I was able to compile a pack so you can do this too! This … Continue reading

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Black OS X Theme

Black OS X Theme for 10.5, Leopard inspired by eyoungren This is something I think everyone should like! This is to give Leopard a nice dark look, and looks really cool. Big thanks for eyoungren for telling me what software … Continue reading

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YouTube videos working in TenFourFox

This struck me as odd because I thought you couldn’t do anything thing flash related in TenFourFox and required some other browser such as WebKit for those functionalities. So I had just got up and was checking the regular facebook/email/news … Continue reading

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VLC’s new Update for PowerPC

Yesterday, VLC gave the PowerPC world the 2.0.10 update for PowerPC and Intel Macs with a Core Solo/Duo running Leopard or Snow Leopard. This came to the PowerPC Community as a surprise, after VideoLAN announcing that all PowerPC projects would … Continue reading

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Using a G5 Radeon 9600 with a G4 MDD

With a spare graphics card and a MDD that could use double the memory of the stock Radeon 9000, we set out to do just that. After some precision cutting and taping (pins 3 & 11 on the back side), … Continue reading

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Uses for a PowerPC: Couponing

Southern Dad uses 9 eMacs and 5 Power Mac G5s to print coupons, as there is a limit of 2 coupons per computer. This was interesting to stumble across as a good use for PowerPC Macs! All of them are … Continue reading

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Tower of Power

Got bored and put all of the Macs together. Should have grabbed the iMac G4 to put atop the MDD! Next I think we want to order some G5 cases and build a chair out of them!

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Quieting a MDD

With our recently acquired G4 MDD, the Windtunnel does stand up to it’s name! We replaced the fans in the PSU with 2x Evercool EC6015M12CA 80mm fans. They push out 16cfm, which is half of the original fans but the same … Continue reading

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This is the PowerPC Archive blog where we will post info for anything and everything PowerPC Mac irrelevant! Just kidding!

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