Black OS X Theme

Black OS X Theme
for 10.5, Leopard
inspired by eyoungren

This is something I think everyone should like! This is to give Leopard a nice dark look, and looks really cool. Big thanks for eyoungren for telling me what software is needed and where to find themes, big thanks!

So the first software you’ll need to download is Magnifique. This software has been long discontinued, and eyoungren made a pack that includes this program along with CandyBar to change the icons. Download here (49.1MB)

What you’ll need next is a black theme, that you can find on Deviantart, however you’ll be finding lots of SL or ML themes, and these require you to manually replace system resources and whatnot. The theme I’m using is called Black Gloss.

What you’ll do first is go into the downloaded Zip, and open the Magnifique folder, then run the program. Then, in the bottom left hard corner click the + and navigate to the downloaded Zip, and choose the “Black Mac OS X.mfq.plugin” file and in the window a big “Apply Now” button will appear. Click that and enter your account password. You’ll see the Dock appear black but we still have some more steps!


Back in the Zip folder, click the “Black Gloss 2.1.icontainer” file and CandyBar should open. In the left sidebar, you will see “Black Gloss 2.1 Dock” and like Magnifique, a blue bar with the buttons “Cancel” and “Apply Icons” so click Apply. Again you’ll be asked to enter your password and you’ll need to log out after this process.


Now when you sign in again, you should see the menu bar change a bit and all the icons will be updated. Below is the overall final look. Enjoy! Thanks again to eyoungren, here is a link to his original post.


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1 Response to Black OS X Theme

  1. Thanks for the mention guys! Just a note. The theme actually has a black menu bar. To get that you need to make sure menu transparency is set to white or gray. Use Onyx to set that.

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