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Experiences with a 2.7GHz G5

Figured that I would write up this post so that I can share my experiences with this G5. Since the case was a bit bent/broken when UPS shipped it, my original intention was to get another G5 of some sort … Continue reading

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Measure Temperature of your Mac

After wanting to see what the temps were on my new 2.7GHz G5, I was looking for a solution and came across a program called Temperature Monitor. I then could see that the G5 was getting pretty toasty and at … Continue reading

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Time Machine Scheduler

After working on a Mac Pro server and experiencing super slow performance with students signing in taking several minutes, there had to be something to speed up everything. Time Machine doesn’t need to be backed up every hour so I … Continue reading

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Followup on PowerBook G4

I had received this laptop yesterday, and when I was looking at it there were some things wrong with it. The FW800 port didn’t work, the keyboard was sticking way up in one corner, a bunch of backlight bleed from … Continue reading

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Adium IM Client

Adium 1.3.10 is cool in a variety of ways. This is pretty much the iMac (all in one) of instant messaging, choosing from Faceboo, Yahoo, Jabber, MSN upon many more. Where you can benifit from this is in a few … Continue reading

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PowerBook G4 1.67GHz

We needed a G4 laptop of some sort, and because we can do what we want (Don’t worry! A iBook G3 and possibly a G4 are coming soon!), on our purchased list was a Early 2005 15″ PowerBook G4. This … Continue reading

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