Future YouTube Plans/Ideas

I’ve got requests to do guides like fan adjustments on a G5 with a kext mod, continue on Project G34, G4 vs G5 tests, and a bunch more. And I promise these are coming! However, I am working on a PowerPC Centre YouTube channel where I can do much more “hands on” videos rather than blog posts about something (don’t worry, I’ll still write them!). Starting this weekend I am going to try recording a few videos and get them up on the new channel to further improve the PowerPC Mac return.

Another idea I’d love to do is converse with people that run other PowerPC blogs, and people who use PPC macs daily and share experiences. And possibly do Friday night live streams where we can get a active Skype call going along with a chat so that the viewers can ask questions and talk to each other. This is just a fun thing that everyone would like!

Just an update on some of my plans, many were sending me messages about various projects. This will start out with small stepping stones and hopefully by summer the ball will be rolling smoothly!

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2 Responses to Future YouTube Plans/Ideas

  1. Jonas Kvale says:

    @PowerPCCentre: Love the idea of live Skype streams!

  2. Red says:

    I like the idea of a community stream. I would recommend Google Hangouts though. They can host up to 10 people free. I’m also currently working on a few youtube videos for old G4 games. It’s behind schedule due to some life changes (just got married), but still on the plate. Count me in!

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