23″ Cinema Display HD

Figured next on the list would be a new display, and the 23″ model seemed like a good fit. The 20″ is small and the 30″ takes up an entire desk and then some. This display has a resolution of 1920×1200, which is higher than the 1080p resolution of 1920×1080 at a 16:9 ratio. Apple’s displays have always been 16:10 (for the most part, late 2009 iMacs and iPhone 5′s went to 16:9 among some other recent stuff). Going from the 22″ ACD (G4 style) the resolution is insane. That 22″ had 1600×1024. And, another bonus is the 23″ is much more brighter so we can see our Photoshop work in better detail! The USB hub is awesome, as it provides power so I can charge my iPhone right through the display.


With this new display (although really from 2004) nearly all websites are centered. On the old ACD everything was offset, so that was one of the first differences I noticed right away. One issue I had was image persistence which these seem common for. This was easily fixed by creating a pure white image and open it in preview, then go full screen and let it sit for half an hour. It took longer for it to completely disappear on my display. Besides that, this display has been awesome and the real-estate is amazing, and looks good on the desk!


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