Yosemite Pack for Leopard

On a late Monday night after finally getting the G5 running after an all-day teardown (I’ll make a post about it in the upcoming days) I installed AQUAdock’s Mountain Lion themed pack for Leopard. I went on to further using FastIcns on my MacBook Pro and pull icons off from Yosemite and make Leopard a bit prettier.

I was able to get the Application icons transferred over, however Finder, Recycle Bin, and default folder icons (to use the Yosemite icon for every folder you create) I had to use CandyBar to do this. Going well so far, just need to keep pulling icons and put a pack together!

Yosemite Pack Preview 1

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1 Response to Yosemite Pack for Leopard

  1. BDD says:

    I’m hoping AQUADock decides to put together one of his great Leopard -> (new OS X) packs for Yosemite, now that Apple has changed the UI. I know he skipped Mavericks since it was very similar to ML. I’ll have to grab the icons from Deviantart and start uplifting my Powerbook!

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