iBook G4 14″ – 1.42GHz/1.5GB/80GB/APX/BT/SD

This is a super cool little Mac, and I didn’t recall seeing many 14″ iBooks, with a huge majority of people buying 12″ iBooks.

Wow, so you have a PowerBook G4 17″ that you’ve owned for a week, and now a TOL iBook? What’s wrong with you Gavin? This one is special for a few reasons. Recently we hit 200 likes on the PowerPC Centre facebook page in a year, and we don’t even have a YouTube channel. One is coming with some neat videos very soon, I’ll finally get to it for once! Second, this is from Good Guy Robby who, again, has done an extreme amount of work and I appreciate every second of work we get done! Third, this iBook is in almost immaculate shape. And as a fourth, I’m the third owner.

It’s clean, no cracks anywhere, two brand new official Apple batteries, and the keyboard wear is little. Rubber feet are in perfect shape, everything about this is perfect. The only spot something is broken is those two rubber feet on the display bezel, besides that, it’s the cleanest iBook I’ve seen in YEARS.

So from the title you can tell it is a maxxed out iBook, with a 1.42GHz G4, 1.5GB Ram, a 80GB 5400rpm hard drive (stock was 60GB, new hard drive was from a 12″ PowerBook), Bluetooth and AirPort, then a 4x SuperDrive. This was one of the last iBooks, being built between November 14-20, 2005 to only be replaced by the MacBook in May of 2006. This iBook has every bell and whistle that was ever offered.

The iBooks never saw a DDR2 introduction like the late 2005 iMac, PowerBook, and Power Mac, and was stuck with what was introduced in Mid 2005. The iBooks never saw speeds faster than 1.42GHz, and the PowerBook never saw a speed faster than 1.67GHz.

So what’s a con of this iBook? There’s two things that are a bummer, something Apple could have fixed if they invested a bit more of time into them. One which wouldn’t be realistic would be a backlit keyboard. Now the realistic cons. The audio jack has a problem with headphones, where you must pull it slightly out so the audio will work (seems to be a problem with headphones that have a built in microphone). The one other place Apple cheaped out is the display. Although it may be a 14″ you still share the 1024×768 resolution shared with the 12″ iBooks and PowerBooks. Would have been a bit expensive, but a 1280×1024 display would have been amazing!

So is there any true benefit of a 14″ over a 12″ iBook? Not much. The G4’s arent much (1.33 12″ – 1.42 14″) speeds, graphics, hard drive, screen resolution, and pretty much everything else. All the 14″ is, is a 12″ with bigger palmrests and a huge gap between the speakers and keyboard. And it was $300 more. It’s obvious to why the 14″ was the rarer model of the two, but they are still awesome 🙂

PB17" iBook14" iBook12"

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