Power Mac G5 – Resurrection

This is something I didn’t plan on, but it all worked out. The other day, my 2.7GHz G5 was being a nightmare so I cooked the logic board in the oven and now it works (however, I am still limited to 4GB of ram). But, there is a lot behind this, so be prepared for a long read!

When I was trying to get the other G5 working, I was planning on a logic board swap from my other 2.7GHz Mac that I was planning to turn into a 2.3 and as I was removing the logic board, I snapped a capacitor right off the logic board. Mad, I removed the logic board out of the current 2.7 (DR as I call it) and baked it. To my surprise, it worked and with the 2.3 (DN) I was planning on selling it.

However… fast forward to the weekend and I found myself throwing it all back together and hot gluing the ripped off capacitor (which worked!) and got everything back together. Put my newly arrived 2.3 processors (thanks Robby) on the 1.8 heatsinks I had, threw it all back together, booted up Thermal Calibration, and calibrated it. To both Robby and my surprise, it passed as these had earlier failed with errors.

Next mission was using a Leopard Upgrade DVD and install Leopard onto the thing. Went fairly fast with the hard drive that is in there (a 500GB Samsung out of my MBP in a IcyDock) as I had no other hard drives left to put in the thing. I was able to find screws that would work so the hard drive would stay in the slot rather than no screws at all.

I did some benchmarks, and the first time I ran Geekbench the 2.3 wasn’t very happy, with a score of 1668, worse than my 2.0 G5 that I owned this year, and scored 1844. Second time I tried, I got 2064 which sounded much more reasonable, and the 2.7 scored 2363. Here is a comparison in scores between the 2.3 and 2.7! http://browser.primatelabs.com/geekbench2/compare/2441672/2477454

So now I’m happy, and have two working G5s, with one having the LCS and one with the Air Cooled setup. One for each desk, and if one fails I will always have a backup G5!

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