Dual 1GHz QuickSilver

I have never bought a mac local in my area. However, about a month ago I was able to find a 17″ PowerBook which I fixed up and still have. On Saturday my aunt had sent me a screen shot of this QuickSilver with the guy asking for offers. I figured it was a 733MHz or so and my offer reflected that of $20. The guy said there was a guy interested in it for $50 and it was mine if I had $55. I didn’t care at this point, but the next day he asked if I could do $25 and we agreed on that (I am pretty sure I was the only one to offer anyways).

I did get a picture of the insides, and I found out it had a AirPort Card, Modem, SCSI card, 2x Hard Drives, and 3 sticks of ram. I did a bit of research on the heatsink and the one in this machine was for a 1.0 GHz, and for the next 24 hours I was confident that’s what it was.

On Monday I drove to town and met the guy at his place of work about 9am. I walk in and run into a lady and asked if the kid was there. She said sure, and opened a door. I put my hand out as the door was coming close to my face and she was pissed thinking I was going to follow her and said “You can’t be back here.” Okay, whatever.

Get outside, walks over to his car and grabs it, I open the passenger door on my truck and he sets it on the seat. Paid him the $25 and he went back to work. The first thing I did was look at the back, and the spec label was pretty impressive. Dual 1GHz, 1024MB Ram, 2x80GB HDD, SuperDrive, GeForce 4MX, AirPort, Modem, SCSI, Keyboard, Mac OS X. Has almost every option besides the zip drive and the GeForce 4TI 128MB card. PowerBook Medic’s serial lookup thinks this machine is a 933MHz, but does say that it was made somewhere between June 10-16, 2002. Production number 1493, Assembled in USA – Elk Grove/Sacramento, CA (I tend to try making all of my Power Macs assembled here or Ireland, and Elk Grove is just a few hours away!).


30 3photo

Drive home and boot it up. 1.5GB Ram, 2MB L3 per CPU (MDD has 1MB per CPU), and the 2x80GB Hard Drives. Whoever owned this before was smart, they formatted each hard drive and installed Tiger. I then proceeded to install Leopard.

While this was happening, I grabbed a Canon EOS T4i (605D for you Europeans) and lined up my Graphite and MDD case to complete the tower collection. Took some neat pictures, more to come in the future!

G4 Generation 25

I’m happy, found a top of the line QuickSilver cheap and local. Originally my plan was to build the Digital Audio to the hill with a 1.3GHz Sonnet, however watching one go on eBay for $160 was way too much IMO. If I can score a 1.6GHz Sonnet of some sort, it’s going into the QuickSilver! This machine I plan to keep, the Digital Audio and MDD are for sale!

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1 Response to Dual 1GHz QuickSilver

  1. ih8reno says:

    Cool stuff, I just purchased a mdd used it for a bit and resold it for a nice profit. My next purchase hopefully will be a power mac g3. Found one in my area before but waited too long and it sold.

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