Thanks to all of our Viewers!

It’s been a while since I last posted something and school has been eating away at my time for the past couple of weeks which unfortunately has stopped me working on posts for this site and the PowerPC Archive website. I have a list of software I need to add and cool stuff to discuss on here, which will hopefully start coming soon (YouTube tutorials and videos coming soon of neat PPC stuff). Depends on how my weekend will go (past few weekends have been pretty crazy!)

But here is where I am super stoked. I was looking at the site statistics for the PowerPC Archive, and we had 2,200 viewers (8,600 pageviews) from people in 74 (SEVENTY FOUR!!) different countries within August 15 – yesterday. I was beyond belief when I saw that. The only project I ran that was successful dates back to 2010 when I took Bamboogle’s Virtual PC, fixed the links, renamed it VHD Vault then got shut down (which received 2,000 page views per month). And yes – I am Gavin Stubbs.

Sooo, you guys rock! I constantly receive emails from users appreciating what I do here and on the Archive. All I can say is Thank You 🙂

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