Updates on the Macs I Own/Owned

Figured that a post regarding my machines sounds appropriate! The only new mac I’ve bought over summer was a 17″ Core Duo iMac in which doesn’t relate to PowerPC in any way! It was a cheap deal of $30 shipped to my door and is now used as the site’s file server. My DA would be doing this task but unfortunately Windows XP is required.

I now have one PowerPC laptop that’s the 14″ iBook G4. My 12″ iBook and the 17″ PowerBook both were listed on ebay after they sat around with no true purpose to my daily life, and I needed money for other things (truck stuff, gasoline, etc). I was a bit bummed to get rid of the 17″ however it was never used much. The 14″ iBook replaced the 12″ iBook and has been working out well for me especially in school for notes and a Spotify jukebox. Although the thing is 9 years old people believe that it is still brand new!

Okay, desktops. Nothing has changed here. I still own all of them. My main desktop is the 2.3GHz G5 (was a 2.7 previously) that has been dead reliable. The QS is in my room and gets used every once in a while. The other 2.7GHz G5 and my MDD live in the closet. Since the MDD doesn’t get used I am considering to ebay it as the QS does fine. My Digital Audio 466MHz and the B&W G4 450MHz live out in the shed. A friend was going to buy the G4 B&W however the deal has seemed to fall through and I still have it!

I need to cut down on desktops, so if you’d like a DA, B&W G4, or a MDD give me an email and maybe it’ll be yours!

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1 Response to Updates on the Macs I Own/Owned

  1. Red says:

    Let me know if you’d like to give the B&W a home. rafa2design @ aim.com

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