Fliqlo Screensaver

If you have a spare machine – such as an iMac G4 that sits around most of it’s time, this screensaver may be perfect if you need a huge clock to see across the room! The picture below is from my G5, but if the iMac didn’t have any lines down the screen it would have looked perfect!

The latest version to work is version 1.3.3 however trying to find a link to this version was pretty much impossible. Harrymatic on the MacRumors forum was able to provide a copy that will now be put on the PowerPC Archive for everyone to download.

I wish there was more customization (such as a second count alongside the digital time, possibly different themes). Your only adjustment is the size of the clock and 12H or 24H format.

Download Here. Requires OS X Leopard. May work with Tiger (when I can pull out a G4 I will)!

fliqlo g5

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