iBook G4 As a Main Machine

Last weekend I had a cup of coffee on my desk, and I went to open the curtain. I ended up knocking the cup over resulting in my MBP being dead. I never talk about this machine but it is a 15″ late 2008 unibody. Nice machine! I took it apart and even after many hours of cleaning it still has yet to work. I have an idea to fix it, but just not right now.

So my backup machine was my last remaining PowerPC laptop, a 14″ Early 05 iBook G4. So far it’s been working out well. Schoolwork is well (as it should be when all you use is Word/Pages) and for most of my internet browsing. It is slow compared to the G5 as it should be, but the slowlessness I can handle easily enough. My true hiccups are YouTube and Netflix so I find myself using my iPad mini for these tasks, although I would much rather prefer to use a laptop instead. Besides that, I don’t have any complaints. The few things I miss is a bright LED backlit display and the backlit keyboard, but I’ll live. This iBook has the two finger scrolling and clicking which I’m well used to from the MacBook Pro.

I plan on using the iBook for the second week coming and have already hunted down an Early 2008 2.4GHz 15″ MacBook Pro in excellent shape. I have owned a model MBP from 2006-2008, and I know them well. Since I needed a new main laptop and don’t have much money to budget in, I wanted a PowerBook G4 style laptop.

Going great so far! DLHR 15″ coming to the project soon, more coming in a later post.

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