Roccat’s New 4.3 Update

Roccat’s web browser hasn’t been heard of lately, and reading through the MacRumors’ PowerPC thread and Low End Mac on facebook, a few people were praising the new update.

For those of you that don’t know, Roccat is based off Webkit similar to Safari while TenFourFox is based off Firefox. I have never used Roccat so I decided to boot up my dual 1GHz QuickSilver and give it a shot. Upon opening it I get a flat-like feel resembling Safari on iOS7. My big issue is when I am actually trying to browse the web. It takes FOREVER. What bummed me out was that I open TFF and the web browses without an issue.

YouTube is a test I like to try in web browsers and Roccat could play 360p and 720p inside the web browser. 360p was skipping and was hard to watch the video. 720p acted a little different, it sped up where 3 seconds on the YouTube video would be 1 second in real life, also skipping around and anyone using this for YouTube is going to have a bad time.

Now the one thing I do give Roccat props to, and that is the built in search bar at the top. I like that I can get suggestions as if I was typing something in on the Google homepage yet this bar is always at the top. If you would like to “Share Page to…” there is a nice handy tab with Social that provides you with links to shorten URLs, share the page with facebook, twitter, Google+, MySpace (surprisingly this isn’t dead), and a few others.

I find myself probably not using Roccat again which is unfortunate, definitely has a few features that I like however I doubt TFF will have them implemented. The good news is Nathan (Roccat’s developer) still believes in PowerPC and will support it for a long time to come. Maybe one of these days Roccat will make everybody jump ship!

Requires OS X 10.5.8 Leopard –

Picture 1

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