Sold my Dual 1GHz MDD

One of the very first posts on this page was regarding my MDD. I replaced the 3 fans inside with much quieter ones and put in a Radeon 9600 out of my parts G5 by taping pins 3 and 11. I bought this machine earlier in the year as I always wanted one since they carried such an odd design and could handle 4 hard drives and 2 optical drives. Over the summer this machine sat and eventually I put it on Craigslist and to my luck, about 2 months later I get a response from a guy locally in town. It was his first mac machine as he worked with PCs in the past. I ended up getting $80 which is about what I had put into it so I made a margin of $5 or so. Not a crazy amount but it’s money for the next project!

Since I purchased my 1GHz QuickSilver, the MDD didn’t see any use are rarely was it ever turned on. Surprisingly enough the older machine geekbenched better due to the 3MB of L3 cache vs the 2MB on the MDD granted the QS had 1.5GB PC133 ram while the MDD had 2GB DDR-400. The picture below is from a showdown that I never got around to doing yet I invested time into this poster!

qs vs mddBye MDD! You’ll be missed. Now I don’t have the full lineup from B&W-G5! I should have taken a picture when I had the chance. Owell.

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