OS X Yosemite pack for Leopard Update!

Okay, I’ve been receiving quite a few emails from people asking when I would release the next update. My goal will be by thanksgiving for a complete pack so we’ll see. I imagine you guys would like to know why I haven’t worked on it lately!

Of course I have an intel machine and I recently killed my late 08 15″ MacBook Pro with coffee. My fault of course, but I had no other machine running Yosemite to pull icons from.  A few weeks later I bought an early 08 15″ MBP that was the carryover Powerzbook design that is in pristine shape and was refurbished by apple last year. Runs Yosemite well so I can finally pull icons and whatever else I may need.

About the dock, I think we are stuck with the same one from AQUADock’s pack or try to live with the original 2D dock. There is quite a bit of work that is happening behind the scenes in the pack so I hope you’ll enjoy the release!

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1 Response to OS X Yosemite pack for Leopard Update!

  1. Anonymous says:

    I can NOT wait for the guide for Minecraft on PowerPC macs to come out. I would be extremely happy to run Minecraft on a Power Mac G4 with tiger. Keep up the good work!

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