Happy Thanksgiving and a new Server for the Archives

First of all, happy thanksgiving, and I hope everyone has a nice dinner tomorrow with the family!

Recently these past few days my server has been hit hard with downloads. It’s so bad I can’t even keep a user on my minecraft server because my upload bandwidth is maxed out from people downloading software off the archive. But not to worry, today I started migrating everything over to Google Drive, where users should be able to download files at a much faster speed than my personal server, and not kill the download speed of other people trying to download at the same time, especially those downloading OpenOffice/NeoOffice/etc. If the application is smaller than 25MB, the link is direct. If the app is bigger than 25MB, a page will pop up saying that Google couldn’t virus scan it, but not to worry!

dnfsvr hfs

And in other news, I have a three day weekend ahead so I plan on updating the Yosemite icon pack and either finishing the games page or the Tiger page on the ‘Archive, so stay tuned!

And Minecraft is coming soon, a helpful MacRumors member provided me with some info to get it running (will be version 1.5.2). The unfortunate thing is that it will be single player, however I will look into creating a multiplayer server so the PowerPC enthusiasts can build upon it 🙂

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1 Response to Happy Thanksgiving and a new Server for the Archives

  1. Patrick Rynhart says:

    Wait a sec…. that OSX Host looks suspiciously non-PowerPC to me…. 😛

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