2015 News and Stuff!

Wow, it’s 2015. I know I am saying this several days late but it’s crazy. I graduated high school a semester early (December 2014) so that I could be hired by the school to work on computers. This is also really crazy because I turned 17 just over two months ago and I am out of high school.

Okay, so other news! I’ll go into each one with more depth, but here is a quick rundown. I bought and owned a G4 Cube for a few days and now it is sold, bought a 12″ 1GHz PowerBook G4 from the original owner, and I now have lots of time to work on cool things like the Yosemite pack and add even more software to the site.

A bit of a quick post, however like I said I will explain each one more on depth every day!!

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