The G4 Cube I owned for less than a week

This one is a bit of a funny story, I posted a picture of it on the Facebook page when I had it in my hands for twenty minutes.

Okay! So during the Christmas holidays I stay a week or so at my grandparents in the Sacramento area. On December 28, my cousin was staying the night so I hopped on Craigslist and found a Cube for sale when they were asking $100. By the point I saw the ad it had been up for 14 days so I texted the guy and asked if $80 would work. He said yes so in a matter of 45 minutes I went with my cousin to the guys house and walked away with my cube.

Unfortunately the stand on the included 15″ Studio Display was broken, and I looked on ebay for a hinge and could not find one, only for a 17″ which is a hair too big.

Got to use the Cube for probably a total of two hours, and on the MacRumors forum a member was looking for a Cube which bought mine and another member’s both at the same time. And as a heads up if you are selling a cube – they are slightly over 20 pounds and to ship from CA to KY was $44. Use UPS/FedEx instead!! Since then, the buyer has bought many other things from me (B&W upgrades like a 450MHz G4 and a Radeon 9200).

Definitely a neat little machine unfortunately I couldn’t get much of a use out of it as I would rather use the dual 1GHz QuickSilver.


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