The Second 12″ PowerBook G4

If you haven’t been able to tell from my past, I usually buy a machine and flip it (ie. G4 Cube, 15″ PB, 17″ PB, etc) and every so often there is a machine that I keep.

With that in mind, a year and a half ago I was good friends with this girl at school who was moving to Florida after our sophomore year of high school. She always wanted a Mac, so I went on eBay and bought a 12″ 867MHz G4 which was about $70. When I received it I tore it all apart (an utter nightmare) to make sure the laptop was perfect. And the next day I gave it to her and she was happy.

At the time I had a 2012 13″ MacBook Air and it was neat to compare them, and after having that one for a day I wanted to have another. So last week I was hunting through Craigslist and found another 12″ PowerBook that was quite cheap. I won the auction at $11 with $17 shipping making a $28 laptop. Specs were unknown, but the seller was the original owner who barely used it and bought in New Orleans in 2003. This narrowed it down to a 867MHz or 1GHz model and I was able to confirm that it was a 1GHz from the ports. 867 machines had Mini-VGA while the 1GHz+ have Mini-DVI.

Back to this PB in particular, included with the auction is the original power adapter, manuals, and the OS X Panther disc. The ram is maxed out so I’ll be tossing Leopard on this machine.

Okay, I had this post saved as a draft until I actually received the machine. So upon arrival I received more than I thought, as there were receipts and in 2004 the LCD was replaced. Also there were two Apple stickers, of which were the biggest I’ve ever seen shipped with an Apple product. Also received a neat case for the PB.

Unfortunately, the hard drive was dead and the optical drive seems to have died as well. These machines take the cake for being the toughest that I have dealt with, and even after swapping a SuperDrive from an iSight iMac G5 and a 20GB hard drive from an iBook G3, the ODD was broken as well. I was able to use panther for a bit, then the fan wasn’t too happy so I turned it off.

Haven’t touched it in a week, however my buddy Robby (who has helped me with stuff in the past, ie. the 14″ iBook and the 2.7GHz G5s) happened to have a parts 1.5GHz model that was missing screws that he is shipping me. Needless to say, the laptop is turning into a 1.5GHz model! So more on the PowerBook in the next week or so!! Sorry for no pictures, I looked on my phone and I haven’t taken a single one.

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