Dropbox and PowerPC Support

I realize this post is late, but in case you didn’t know Dropbox is dropping support for OS X Tiger and Leopard this May. This is a huge nail into the coffin, and Dropbox has pretty much given us the middle finger no matter how many times we attempt to show our disappointment in their decision.

Dropbox-LogoOur best hope is that either Dropbox makes a legacy version for us to use with similar era Windows and Linux machines, or we see if some company creates a cloud service like Dropbox.

I realize some people don’t use Dropbox, but here is a reason a friend of mine uses it (and so do I), I write these posts on my iBook G4 or my PowerBook G4, toss them in Dropbox, and they are right there ready to be uploaded here. Or, if I have music I want to transfer over to either laptop without a flash drive, just toss it into Dropbox. The list of possibilities is endless.

Below is the response regarding the death of Dropbox + PowerPC

Hi everyone,

We understand this is disruptive to some of our users and that’s why we’ve announced this many months in advance. I’ve read all of your responses and wanted to provide some additional background on why we’re ending support for OS X 10.4 and 10.5.

Supporting these old versions of OS X would come at the expense of improvements for more recent versions of OS X. Allowing people to continue running what would become an old version of the desktop client is not an option because sometimes we must make non-backwards compatible changes to the way the client talks to the Dropbox servers.

Read on for more details…

Continuing to have our desktop client support 10.4 and 10.5 would come at the expense of improving the experience for more recent versions of OS X. The latest versions of several important components (3rd party software libraries) we rely upon no longer support 10.4 or 10.5. These updated versions have important improvements, bug fixes, and additional functionality. It would be a disservice to the vast majority of our Mac users running recent versions of OS X if we did not update to the latest versions of these components.

Several of you have suggested allowing people to continue using the current version of the desktop client (which in time would become an old version of the desktop client). This would not work because from time to time we must make non-backwards compatible changes to the way the desktop client communicates with our servers. For example in the coming months we will need to make a change to how we represent the underlying identifier we use for certain types of folders. This change is needed because Dropbox has become so much more popular than we initially imagined that we’ll need to switch from using a 32-bit identifier to a 64-bit identifier. This is just one example of a breaking change that periodically must be made.

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2 Responses to Dropbox and PowerPC Support

  1. Red says:

    I still use a few PowerPC machines and opted into OneDrive which is free when you register for an Outlook.com email address. Works from TenFourFox and Roccat browsers. You get 25 GB of free storage which is way more than the 2 GB offered on DropBox and you can share videos, pictures, files, etc. with anyone. They don’t even need to have a OneDrive account to receive or download files.

  2. After patching Adobe Flash (to report a current version) and Skype (to be able to log in and audio-conf at least) I now also found a patched Dropbox version on the net. It runs pretty well on my G4 and G5 PPCs.
    So in all those cases not all hope is lost when companies drop PowerPC support!

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