Flipping through Macs

Usually most people buy a machine and keep it for quite some time, but I tend to flip them myself. I enjoy finding a new mac to use and see which one I like the most, and below I’ll explain the macs I liked, since I have owned almost every model of NWR Macs except a Xserve and a iMac G3! Oh – and a PowerBook G3, TiBook, and a colorful iBook. Besides that I’ve owned everything else surprisingly. In Intel land I have tended to flip through machines too, I was previously on a Late 2008 2.4GHz 15″ MBP and now I use a Early 2009 2.66GHz 15″ MBP. I’ve owned many 2006-early08 pre-unibody MBPs as well!

Favorite Mac? I actually really liked my 1.67 PowerBook G4 17″ that was the early 2005 model that used DDR still. I bought it for $40 locally and the screen was full of lines so I busted a nut and spent $90 on a new LCD. The thing was huge and that computer was extremely stable and gave me no issues, however I was hurting for money so off it went to some guy on the East Coast.

FullSizeRender(7)Worst Mac? iMac G5 iSight 1.9GHz 17″ for sure. This is the only Mac I ever parted out. I spent $62 on it in January 2013, and after taking the heat gun to the GPU I got another few weeks out of it. After that I pretty much took a few parts that were savable and smashed the display into half. The front casing is actually up on my wall surrounding a clock that shows the temperature as well!

599195_587159487964025_611816795_nThe longest time I’ve owned a Mac? My 400MHz Blue & White. This was my first Mac that I bought for $20 in March of 2011. It was missing a SCSI cable, ram, and the PCI graphics card. Luckily at the time I had a friend (who backstabbed me later that year and ultimately started DyNiForm and proceeded to make these other sites) that hooked me up with the GPU and some ram out of his B&W. I still own this Mac and it’s newest upgrade was a 128MB Radeon 9200 and a 450MHz FastMac G4 however I recently sold those two parts to a friend.

1489605_732446220102017_121276008_oSo how many G3s, G4s, and G5s have you owned?
PowerPC G3 – 3
(B&W 400MHz; 500MHz iBook; 700MHz iBook)
PowerPC G4 – 14
(466MHz DA; Dual 1GHz QS; Dual 1GHz MDD; 400MHz Cube; 1.33GHz mini; 2x 800MHz iMac G4 15″; 867MHz PBG4; 1GHz iBook; 1GHz PBG4; 1.42GHz iBook 14″; 1.5GHz PBG4 12″; 1.67GHz 15″ PB; 1.67GHz 17″ PB)
PowerPC G5 – 5
(iMac G5 1.6GHz 15″; iMac G5 1.9GHz 15″; Power Mac G5 2GHz (early 05); Power Mac G5 2.3GHz (early 05); Power Mac G5 2.7GHz (early 05))

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3 Responses to Flipping through Macs

  1. Red says:

    I’ve owned almost every model released from the early G3 imac to the G5 Powermac. One reason was because I was working at an Apple Service & Repair center in the early 2000s and got to get my hands on just about everything.

    My favorites in terms of reliability and performance include the B&W G3 (that machine, like yours, is still running on 10.4.11), 1.67 G4 Powerbook, any Quicksilver G4 (solid machines), and the dual 2Ghz G5 Powermac. The all-time award would go to the B&W G3 though. Upgraded with a G4 zif it will still kick ass and go head to head with a Digital Audio G4.

    The worst? I’d have to say the early white G3 iBooks and the 1.33 G4 Powerbooks. I still remember the many complaints and issues we had with those two models.

  2. BDD says:

    I’ve owned a myriad of Wallstreet and Pismo Powerbooks (every model at one time or another; one each of the Wallstreets and Pismos were completely maxed out in every way possible), two Lombard Powerbooks (both 333 mhz), iBooks (a blueberry clamshell, two 366 mhz Indigo models, 5- 500mhz white, 1-800 mhz white, 1-600mhz white), TiBooks (lesse… 1-400mhz, 2-550mhz, 1-667mhz VGA, 1-667mhz DVI, 1-800mhz DVI, and 1-1.0ghz DVI), a Rev A Bondi Blue iMac, two Cubes, a couple of B&W Powermacs (both 400mhz models), a 1.25ghz Mac Mini G4, two Mystic Powermac G4s (dual 500mhz), a DA Powermac (550mhz upgraded to a single 1.8ghz Sonnet processor), two beige Powermac G3s (one was a 300 mhz; the other a 400 mhz G4 Powerlogix upgrade), an LCII, a Fat Mac (512k version of the original Mac), a Mac SE/30 (with ethernet and a 40mb SCSI hard drive; got this one on the internet in 2010!), a 12″ Powerbook G4 1.25ghz, 2- 15″ Powerbook G4s, 1.5ghz DVI, a Powermac G5 dual 2.0ghz (June 2004 model), an 800mhz Imac G4, a 700mhz Emac, a 1.25ghz MDD Powermac (which burned up a month after I got it), and a Macbook Pro (2009, 2.26ghz model).

    I almost forgot: my two Performas- one a 6400/200 maxed out, and a 6230CD (an absolutely horrible machine; I used it to hold my basement door open after I got tired of trying to do something useful with it).


    I used to be a heavy collector, and wanted all of the post-Steve Jobs returning models, and I ended up getting most of them. Most of those were either sold cheap or given away; others I collected for a while, then stopped collecting and sold or gave them away. I still have my 667mhz DVI TiBook, one of the Powerbook G4 1.5ghz DVIs, my 233mhz Wallstreet, my G5, my Mac Mini, my Bondi, and my Macbook Pro left. All but the Wallstreet and Bondi still get used (kept the WS as it was the first Mac notebook model I ever owned; not this particular machine but that model, and the Bondi is just a cool machine worth keeping), and my Macbook Pro is used by my girlfriend daily. My Mac Mini is my media server, streaming movies to my two Apple TVs (via external drive) and holds my files (on two other externals; one a backup). I’m typing this on my G5, which is used for recording my music and hobbyist game development, and my Powerbook G4 is my writing and carry-around machine. The TiBook was used as my OS 9 machine, but now I need to find a new screen assembly for it, as the right hinge just broke. I got most of them really cheap, either from Craigslist or (for most of them) the local computer recycler. A few (like the Cubes), I got from the LEMSWAP list. All of the extra models I obtained were fixed and repurposed.

    The longest used? My DA Powermac G4. I used that daily from 2006-2010 until I got my Macbook Pro. I loved that machine. I just gave it to the recycler, as it was just sitting around doing nothing. I really hated to see it go. I sold off the Sonnet processor a couple of years ago. The G5 is catching up, although I’ve owned it for five years and only used it sporadically until a couple of years ago.

    Phew again… now 25 minutes later, I think I covered everything I could remember.

  3. BDD says:

    As an addendum, here are some pictures of the various Macs (and a Commodore PET) that I’ve collected over the years (but by no means, not all of them). Every model, with the exception of the Macbook Pro, is a different, distinct model. I forgot, in my list above, about the 500mhz iMac DV that my son used for a few years until the flyback blew out in the monitor. There’s a picture of it in the URL below…


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