More New Macs, In Fact 4!

So where I live in the middle of nowhere, every once in a while I have to make an hour and a half trip into the “Biggest Little City in The World” known as Reno, Nevada. The reasoning for this past weekend was to go to the Pick N Pull and get a door for a friend’s Chevy Cavalier. However, before I leave I browse through Craigslist and came across two good deals that I couldn’t pass up.

IMG_0917The first was a set of G4 Cubes, the guy was asking $50 a piece or $100 for both. No speakers but I did get power adapters and a iMac G3 plus a newer HP keyboard. These are both 500MHz models that were once used in a Reno school lab. Excellent deal and I didn’t even negotiate with the guy on the price. I had a Cube in the past for less than a week, and maybe this time I can keep one for longer than that! The other 500MHz is being sold as I have no use for two Cubes.

Next up are a set of G5s. This guy was also asking $100 for both, I offered $70 and he was cool with that. Keep in mind this listing and the Cube listing were both 17 and 20 days old. Lucky for him I didn’t have a $10 bill so he got $80. One is a 2.3GHz early 2005 model and the other is one I haven’t owned yet, a 2.0GHz dual core model from the Late 05 lineup. Also received a keyboard/magic mouse, power cords to both, and a boxed copy of OS X Leopard! In this scenario, I will sell the 2.3 as I’ve owned 4 early 05 machines (2.0, 2.3, another 2.3 plus a 2.7) and want to move onto the dual/quad core era.

One thing I wanted to point out is how ridiculously thick the odd power cord is used with the dual core models. These machines used a 1000w power supply where the 2.7GHz G5 used a 650w model. The Late 05 was the only Mac to use that connector as the 2006 Mac Pro went back to the standard three prong we see on every computer in existence. Anyway, this connector is called the C-19 which is used for heavy duty server equipment that uses apparently 1000w+ power supplies.


So this trip was a good haul, keep two sell the other two!

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1 Response to More New Macs, In Fact 4!

  1. M says:

    Great stuff, my cube is a 450mhz model I believe and I traded up on the display (came with a 17 inch adc and I bought a 20 inch with box model). The G5’s sounds great also. I may come into a free quad soon it the stars align just right 😉

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