G4 Cubes

In the last post I said that I picked up two 500MHz models. I already sold one to a loyal buyer for $150 shipped which meant I still had a Cube left over. So I decided that I’ll be keeping this one. But I have plans for this one – for sure!

So history on the Cube. In 2000 Steve thought that there would be a market for a smaller Power Mac and that’s where the Cube came in. No internal PCI ports however things like Ram/Hard Drive can be upgraded (and deeper the CPU and GPU). Steve wanted it to be fanless although a fan bracket is there. And the other unfortunate thing is that these don’t have a 3.5mm audio jack.

Apple put the Cube “on ice” in 2001 after slow sales and having more style than functionality (on top of it’s high price). The Mac Mini seemed like the replacement for that particualr market, and furthermore the 2013 Mac Pro has similar specifications (in size) and general design idea as the G4 Cube.

So out of that $150 for the other G4 cube $140 went on a single 1.5GHz PowerLogix processor for the Cube. I looked for hours on eBay and the only CPU I could find was a 1.2GHz Sonnet for $180 and within posting that I was trying to hunt one down on MacRumors I had a reply and bought it immediately.

The other cool thing about this deal is that I will get a brand new 80x15mm fan and the appropriate connectors to wire a fan up in the cube, that 1.5GHz will need it!

So I have three guides I will be writing up here soon, and I think you will all find them neat!

G4 cube 500

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  1. This is looking really cool. Those tutorials are going to be a good read.

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