Power Mac G4 – Dual 800MHz MDD

Ahh. Here I go with another G4! I also picked up my old 800MHz iMac G4 just over a week ago. I’ll post more on that iMac soon but for now it’s all about this odd MDD!

Every once in a while on a local buy/sell Facebook group in my local area someone lists a Mac. I also picked up a 500MHz iMac G3 Snow White from a guy on there (owned it for about 3 days, I’ll post on that later too) but there was this MDD on there. The guy wanted $40 and I ended up paying $30 for it. Picked it up on 8/3/15 on my lunch break from work.

So something seems odd in the title of this post. 800MHz? Well this machine was originally a FireWire 800 single 1GHz model that the guy swapped a 800MHz dual processor card into this thing which came out of a 2001 QuickSilver. Works really good and I even get 1MB of L3 per CPU. The only bummer is that the system bus runs at 133MHz not 166MHz but I’m not complaining. If I end up keeping this it will turn into a dual 1.25 or 1.42GHz. In terms of other specs, it has 2GB of Ram, 60GB Seagate HD, 64MB nVidia GeForce 4MX, SuperDrive, and an AirPort Extreme card.

When people think of the MDD they think of “windtunnel” due to the three fans being crazy loud. One of my first posts on this blog talked about swapping the fans on my dual 1GHz MDD back in February 2014. Suprisingly enough the Samsung power supply in this MDD is really quiet and I can stand it. The evening before I bought the MDD I went on ebay and bought 2x 80mm fans to swap out in the PSU to find out the next day this thing was pretty quiet and I didn’t need to swap them. Owell, spare fans if I ever buy a noisy MDD!

So plans for this Mac? Well now it is my highest clocked PowerPC, I gutted one of my G5 towers for a hackintosh case and traded my Dual Core G5 for 8GB of DDR3 and a 120GB SSD still in the original packaging. Both the G5s I got back in March! But I will set this mac up on my desk next to my hackintosh and use it for PowerPC stuff. I have a PCI SATA card and a spare 60GB Kingston SSD that will be going into the MDD. Stay tuned!


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