VNC Viewer for PowerPC

Within the past few weeks I’ve been using my G5 2.3GHz (there is a story behind this machine, was originally an original 2003 dual 2GHz but now has the hearts of a early 2005 2.3GHz. I gutted the 2.3 as the case was perfect and I am using it for my i7 PowerMacX build) and I learned a few things including workarounds.

My new rack server is running Windows Server 2012 R2, and using Leopard’s built in VNC viewer brought me to a black screen; using Microsoft Remote Desktop 2.0.1 said it could not connect. So, I was left to question if there were any alternate VNC viewer programs that could still connect to a newer machine.

Fortunately, I came across VNC Viewer which does exactly what I need it to, connecting to my server remotely! The latest version for PowerPC is 5.2.3 which will work with Leopard and I suspect Tiger (although I haven’t tried that quite yet, maybe a task for my G4 DA 466MHz). The download is available on the PowerPC Archive’s server here (3MB).

Happy remote controlling! I found this as an essential tool to keep around and you will too!

VNC Viewer

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