Ex-College 17″ Studio Display Rescue

Not many people agreed regarding my comments with the Mac mini G4 on the last post, but this is a bit more promising 🙂

So last week I drove up to the college with a friend, and there is this shipping container and behind this container is where they “recycle” old stuff. I’ve grabbed a few things from here such as a Windows 2000 Pro Pentium III era Gateway tower, Dell 17″ flat screen, keyboards, and a few other things.

However, I was driving past and on the side I saw an Apple logo, so I stopped, walked over, and saw that it was a G3 era 17″ Studio Display CRT. I threw it in the back of my truck and drove back into town. I stopped in a lit parking lot and took this pic of it.


So for the rest of thenight this thing tumbled in the back of my truck and tumbled the morning after on my way to work (I was actually planning to ratchet strap the thing in place in the parking lot the night before but I said screw it and didn’t bother).

Cleaned it up a bit, and connected to my dual 1GHz FW800 MDD. Works great! I have the resolution set to 1280×1024 and have been super happy with it.


Always good to recycle 🙂 If I come across a Cinema Display for the MDD this Studio Display will be used with something else!


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4 Responses to Ex-College 17″ Studio Display Rescue

  1. This is an amazing website, just saw it today, wish I would have found it earlier!

  2. kawaiiaurora says:

    I love your website as I’ve been messing around with PowerPC for quite some years 🙂 By any chance, do you know how to read system logs of OS X as I have a very peculiar issue that nobody seems to have. What’s the iOS app btw?

    • gavinstubbs09 says:

      Thank you! Unfortunately I do not, maybe you would have some luck on the PowerPC subforum of MacRumors as they would know more than I would about system logs. The iOS app is called MacTracker.

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