LeopardRebirth Theme… and what happened with the PPC Challenge

I’ll start off with the challenge. So about halfway through the week I was making good progress on the macOS Sierra theme for Leopard, and then I found that a member of MacRumors released a theme called “LeopardRebirth” which ultimately made me just give up on my theme, so I just avoided pretty much anything PowerPC related for a while since at that point I didn’t care anymore (and haven’t fired up my G5 Quad since that day), someone released a better pack sooner than I would have ever released a pack. The thing that upset me the most was that I planned to release that pack on the final day of the PowerPC Challenge however LeoRebirth arrived a few days prior to the final challenge day. The PPCStore that is included also pissed me off , more on that later.

macos sierra theme


So this theme. I will give @SourceSunTom props for his work on many of the graphic design elements that look similar to Sierra, and overall he did an excellent job. I legitimately feel like I am looking at a brand new machine when I look over at my G5.

I ended up removing my theme page for my pack, and created a page for LeoRebirth on the PowerPC Archive which you can take a look at if you are interested in downloading the theme. There is also a thread on MacRumors about this theme release.

Personally I like the white dock, I wouldn’t mind using the black dock however when you do the menu bar stays white, giving the OS an odd look. White just fits in better.

His pack also replaces the system icons so Leopard does indeed look fresh. The “About This Mac” window has also been modified to resemble the newer style, granted it’s not to perfection but it does look good!

So then there is the PPCStore. More than anything this was what made me take a break for a while. Years ago I wanted to create a program called LeopardMarket which was pretty much an app store for PPC with a little bit of MacTracker influence. However, I did not have any skill in creating programs for Macs, so I was lost and never had a chance to make the program, and after talking to some developing friends the better idea was to stick to a web interface like the website is currently set up.

However, again props to Tom for actually creating his own app store. Nothing I can do about it now but it works well enough. Needs work for sure, but I’m sure he will figure it out over time.



So what is my official opinion on his theme? I think he did an excellent job, many people on MacRumors were pissed at him for doing this when I was busting my ass to release my pack in a few days, but that is in the past. Nothing I can do about it so I moved on. If you want to make your Leopard machine look modern, download his pack. The installer will do everything you need so there is nothing extra to do.

Then what are my plans for the future? I see some spots that could use improvement in his theme so I will get in contact to share what I think should be modified, however it wouldn’t be hard to make a “DLC” as I would call it that would include a few extra things to complete the appearance. We will see.

As far as PowerPC mac stuff goes, I’ve actually been getting rid of a few machines. I’ve been cleaning house and I decided the only machines I want to keep are the G5 Quad and 14″ 1.42GHz iBook G4. Nowadays I just don’t have room for all of this stuff anymore. I rarely use PPC machines anymore so they sit around most of the time but I do use them a few times a month. So don’t expect me to be leaving forever, I’ll always be here 🙂

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3 Responses to LeopardRebirth Theme… and what happened with the PPC Challenge

  1. Pasquale says:

    Hi Gavin! I do appreciate your articles. Will you share the PowerPC Archive Store? It seems good, and I don’t want to install the theme just to have a store…

    • gavinstubbs09 says:

      Hey Pasquale!
      Apologies for the late response, but Tom has not released a separate installer for just the Store. I am working on a new website however to replace the PPC Archive that will load faster and is based off a much better platform 🙂

  2. neal roberts says:

    good to see old macs still going…not just me!

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