2018 Updates!

Obviously I’ve been slacking if my last post on here and the facebook page was well over a year ago 🙂

So what has been going on? As far as my personal life goes I am still attending college, working on vehicles as a hobby, and detail cars for a summer job. I no longer work at a computer repair shop (make your hobby into your job – and you will eventually never like your “hobby”) and really all I’ve wanted is computers that are modern and just work.

And that’s how it was for a while between my desktop and my retina MacBook Pro. Between my last post in 2017 I have gotten rid of almost every PPC mac I own, including several G4 machines and my G5 Quad, and I am now down to my 1.42GHz iBook G4 14″ and a 1.42GHz mini G4 that is currently being shipped to me. I have a single intended purpose for the mac mini which I’ll outline in another post when I receive the machine. My iBook needs some love too so I’ll be writing about that when the time comes.

However, the future isn’t entirely bleak!

With the first few generations of Intel Macs becoming very very cheap, I feel it is time to start another archive website that contains Intel only software for machines running Snow Leopard (essentially the WinXP SP3 of Mac land) and Lion for those 10+ year old Intel machines as well. This new “archive” will eventually replace the PPC Archive, but it will be merged into a single website and I will have two separate sections, PPC and Intel. I will release more details as the time comes but that is what will be this years goal.

This blog has been up since February of 2014, and the archive website since 2013. At the time I would have never said that I would be including intel macs in an archive to be diverse but the appropriate time to do so is coming!

So don’t you guys worry, this year will see some nice improvements – and a website that is no longer bulky and has a fresh new look (while also not taking a decade to load on G3/G4 machines)!

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