About PPCC

PowerPC Centre is a blog in where the DyNiForm/XiNETek team posts updates for what’s going on at the PowerPC Archive, and the teams personal macs. Possibly the general public can maybe learn or discover something new!

We use a variety of Macs here, so here they are!

Power Mac G4 (MDD FW800) DP800MHz/2GB/4MX/60GB/LEOPARD
iMac G4 (2002 15″) 800MHz/512MB/2MX/60GB/LEOPARD
iBook G4 (2005 14″) 1.42GHz/2GB/R9550/100/LEOPARD
Power Mac G4 (DA) 466_G4/768MB/4MX/80/TIGER

There have been many Macs talked about here in the past.
Maybe someday I’ll get to adding them below!

3 Responses to About PPCC

  1. adamalbrec says:

    Just completed a new Internet Video App for Tiger/PPC Macs!!! Compatible with over 100 internet video sites and should be supported for at least another 4 years! A G.U.I. for the popular Python app youtube-dl, it allows web videos to both be downloaded and also streamed to QuickTime! Works well on most G4s and all G5s. Best of all, it allows the viewing/downloading from a number of sites like Vimeo, Youtube, Vevo, IGN, The Escapist, DailyMotion and many more that have been difficult or out of PPC reach for some time.

    Requires a few freeware apps be installed too, so read the Read Me – http://ppcluddite.blogspot.com/2014/02/new-gui-app-for-youtube-dl.html

  2. Augusto says:

    nice blog, love your work
    my Aluminum 15 is still rocking, need a new batt tough,

  3. Chris says:

    Hey there, great to see others still using PPC machines. I’ve got a G4/350 hosting my web page :). It’s usually rack mounted (Marathon G-Rack) but I had to make room so it sits next to my other equipment now.

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