Macs for Projects

With the diverse hardware for a variety or projects, we try to use all sorts of Macs for projects like that of using a G5 2.7GHz for a main or using a PowerBook G4 out on the road to replace the intel machine. Eventually when we can own true offices one room will be dedicated to a museum of PowerPC macs! Below is a list of some macs we are looking out for and will be in future projects. We’d love donations but we would happily pay for a mac. Thanks lots! 🙂

Power Mac G5 Quad
To test out the last and fastest G5 ever, and do comparisons to see which machine would offer the bare minimum and maximum performance.
PowerBook G4 DLHR
This is to take place of a 2008 MacBook Pro for Photoshop/Web/YouTube and a
majority of other things that we plan to test as the fastest PBG4 ever!
Xserve G4/G5
Xserves don’t see much use by the PowerPC community, but we would love to use one
as the official PowerPC Archive/Centré server. Would prefer a non-cluser model with
a built in graphics card!
G4 Cube
One of the most interesting Apple designs ever, we would love to have one that would
share a 22″ ACD with our current MDD as a collectors piece!
Mac mini G4
Mini’s are great for media centrĂ©s, and we would love to try one out with VLC, Plex,
and some music using Spotify in the living room.

Shoot an email to us here if you have something! Contact Us

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