The G4 Cube I owned for less than a week

This one is a bit of a funny story, I posted a picture of it on the Facebook page when I had it in my hands for twenty minutes.

Okay! So during the Christmas holidays I stay a week or so at my grandparents in the Sacramento area. On December 28, my cousin was staying the night so I hopped on Craigslist and found a Cube for sale when they were asking $100. By the point I saw the ad it had been up for 14 days so I texted the guy and asked if $80 would work. He said yes so in a matter of 45 minutes I went with my cousin to the guys house and walked away with my cube.

Unfortunately the stand on the included 15″ Studio Display was broken, and I looked on ebay for a hinge and could not find one, only for a 17″ which is a hair too big.

Got to use the Cube for probably a total of two hours, and on the MacRumors forum a member was looking for a Cube which bought mine and another member’s both at the same time. And as a heads up if you are selling a cube – they are slightly over 20 pounds and to ship from CA to KY was $44. Use UPS/FedEx instead!! Since then, the buyer has bought many other things from me (B&W upgrades like a 450MHz G4 and a Radeon 9200).

Definitely a neat little machine unfortunately I couldn’t get much of a use out of it as I would rather use the dual 1GHz QuickSilver.


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2015 News and Stuff!

Wow, it’s 2015. I know I am saying this several days late but it’s crazy. I graduated high school a semester early (December 2014) so that I could be hired by the school to work on computers. This is also really crazy because I turned 17 just over two months ago and I am out of high school.

Okay, so other news! I’ll go into each one with more depth, but here is a quick rundown. I bought and owned a G4 Cube for a few days and now it is sold, bought a 12″ 1GHz PowerBook G4 from the original owner, and I now have lots of time to work on cool things like the Yosemite pack and add even more software to the site.

A bit of a quick post, however like I said I will explain each one more on depth every day!!

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Happy Thanksgiving and a new Server for the Archives

First of all, happy thanksgiving, and I hope everyone has a nice dinner tomorrow with the family!

Recently these past few days my server has been hit hard with downloads. It’s so bad I can’t even keep a user on my minecraft server because my upload bandwidth is maxed out from people downloading software off the archive. But not to worry, today I started migrating everything over to Google Drive, where users should be able to download files at a much faster speed than my personal server, and not kill the download speed of other people trying to download at the same time, especially those downloading OpenOffice/NeoOffice/etc. If the application is smaller than 25MB, the link is direct. If the app is bigger than 25MB, a page will pop up saying that Google couldn’t virus scan it, but not to worry!

dnfsvr hfs

And in other news, I have a three day weekend ahead so I plan on updating the Yosemite icon pack and either finishing the games page or the Tiger page on the ‘Archive, so stay tuned!

And Minecraft is coming soon, a helpful MacRumors member provided me with some info to get it running (will be version 1.5.2). The unfortunate thing is that it will be single player, however I will look into creating a multiplayer server so the PowerPC enthusiasts can build upon it 🙂

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OS X Yosemite pack for Leopard Update!

Okay, I’ve been receiving quite a few emails from people asking when I would release the next update. My goal will be by thanksgiving for a complete pack so we’ll see. I imagine you guys would like to know why I haven’t worked on it lately!

Of course I have an intel machine and I recently killed my late 08 15″ MacBook Pro with coffee. My fault of course, but I had no other machine running Yosemite to pull icons from.  A few weeks later I bought an early 08 15″ MBP that was the carryover Powerzbook design that is in pristine shape and was refurbished by apple last year. Runs Yosemite well so I can finally pull icons and whatever else I may need.

About the dock, I think we are stuck with the same one from AQUADock’s pack or try to live with the original 2D dock. There is quite a bit of work that is happening behind the scenes in the pack so I hope you’ll enjoy the release!

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Sold my Dual 1GHz MDD

One of the very first posts on this page was regarding my MDD. I replaced the 3 fans inside with much quieter ones and put in a Radeon 9600 out of my parts G5 by taping pins 3 and 11. I bought this machine earlier in the year as I always wanted one since they carried such an odd design and could handle 4 hard drives and 2 optical drives. Over the summer this machine sat and eventually I put it on Craigslist and to my luck, about 2 months later I get a response from a guy locally in town. It was his first mac machine as he worked with PCs in the past. I ended up getting $80 which is about what I had put into it so I made a margin of $5 or so. Not a crazy amount but it’s money for the next project!

Since I purchased my 1GHz QuickSilver, the MDD didn’t see any use are rarely was it ever turned on. Surprisingly enough the older machine geekbenched better due to the 3MB of L3 cache vs the 2MB on the MDD granted the QS had 1.5GB PC133 ram while the MDD had 2GB DDR-400. The picture below is from a showdown that I never got around to doing yet I invested time into this poster!

qs vs mddBye MDD! You’ll be missed. Now I don’t have the full lineup from B&W-G5! I should have taken a picture when I had the chance. Owell.

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Roccat’s New 4.3 Update

Roccat’s web browser hasn’t been heard of lately, and reading through the MacRumors’ PowerPC thread and Low End Mac on facebook, a few people were praising the new update.

For those of you that don’t know, Roccat is based off Webkit similar to Safari while TenFourFox is based off Firefox. I have never used Roccat so I decided to boot up my dual 1GHz QuickSilver and give it a shot. Upon opening it I get a flat-like feel resembling Safari on iOS7. My big issue is when I am actually trying to browse the web. It takes FOREVER. What bummed me out was that I open TFF and the web browses without an issue.

YouTube is a test I like to try in web browsers and Roccat could play 360p and 720p inside the web browser. 360p was skipping and was hard to watch the video. 720p acted a little different, it sped up where 3 seconds on the YouTube video would be 1 second in real life, also skipping around and anyone using this for YouTube is going to have a bad time.

Now the one thing I do give Roccat props to, and that is the built in search bar at the top. I like that I can get suggestions as if I was typing something in on the Google homepage yet this bar is always at the top. If you would like to “Share Page to…” there is a nice handy tab with Social that provides you with links to shorten URLs, share the page with facebook, twitter, Google+, MySpace (surprisingly this isn’t dead), and a few others.

I find myself probably not using Roccat again which is unfortunate, definitely has a few features that I like however I doubt TFF will have them implemented. The good news is Nathan (Roccat’s developer) still believes in PowerPC and will support it for a long time to come. Maybe one of these days Roccat will make everybody jump ship!

Requires OS X 10.5.8 Leopard –

Picture 1

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iBook G4 As a Main Machine

Last weekend I had a cup of coffee on my desk, and I went to open the curtain. I ended up knocking the cup over resulting in my MBP being dead. I never talk about this machine but it is a 15″ late 2008 unibody. Nice machine! I took it apart and even after many hours of cleaning it still has yet to work. I have an idea to fix it, but just not right now.

So my backup machine was my last remaining PowerPC laptop, a 14″ Early 05 iBook G4. So far it’s been working out well. Schoolwork is well (as it should be when all you use is Word/Pages) and for most of my internet browsing. It is slow compared to the G5 as it should be, but the slowlessness I can handle easily enough. My true hiccups are YouTube and Netflix so I find myself using my iPad mini for these tasks, although I would much rather prefer to use a laptop instead. Besides that, I don’t have any complaints. The few things I miss is a bright LED backlit display and the backlit keyboard, but I’ll live. This iBook has the two finger scrolling and clicking which I’m well used to from the MacBook Pro.

I plan on using the iBook for the second week coming and have already hunted down an Early 2008 2.4GHz 15″ MacBook Pro in excellent shape. I have owned a model MBP from 2006-2008, and I know them well. Since I needed a new main laptop and don’t have much money to budget in, I wanted a PowerBook G4 style laptop.

Going great so far! DLHR 15″ coming to the project soon, more coming in a later post.

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UnRarX – Extract .RAR Files

I was working on a guide for Minecraft (coming soon) and was stuck on the fact I couldn’t extract a .rar file made for 7zip on Windows. To my luck, I was able to find UnRarX which is a universal binary and will work with Tiger or Leopard.

Download here under “Cool Tools” UnRarX 2.2 – 716KB – Tiger/Leopard

Picture 1

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Fliqlo Screensaver

If you have a spare machine – such as an iMac G4 that sits around most of it’s time, this screensaver may be perfect if you need a huge clock to see across the room! The picture below is from my G5, but if the iMac didn’t have any lines down the screen it would have looked perfect!

The latest version to work is version 1.3.3 however trying to find a link to this version was pretty much impossible. Harrymatic on the MacRumors forum was able to provide a copy that will now be put on the PowerPC Archive for everyone to download.

I wish there was more customization (such as a second count alongside the digital time, possibly different themes). Your only adjustment is the size of the clock and 12H or 24H format.

Download Here. Requires OS X Leopard. May work with Tiger (when I can pull out a G4 I will)!

fliqlo g5

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Updates on the Macs I Own/Owned

Figured that a post regarding my machines sounds appropriate! The only new mac I’ve bought over summer was a 17″ Core Duo iMac in which doesn’t relate to PowerPC in any way! It was a cheap deal of $30 shipped to my door and is now used as the site’s file server. My DA would be doing this task but unfortunately Windows XP is required.

I now have one PowerPC laptop that’s the 14″ iBook G4. My 12″ iBook and the 17″ PowerBook both were listed on ebay after they sat around with no true purpose to my daily life, and I needed money for other things (truck stuff, gasoline, etc). I was a bit bummed to get rid of the 17″ however it was never used much. The 14″ iBook replaced the 12″ iBook and has been working out well for me especially in school for notes and a Spotify jukebox. Although the thing is 9 years old people believe that it is still brand new!

Okay, desktops. Nothing has changed here. I still own all of them. My main desktop is the 2.3GHz G5 (was a 2.7 previously) that has been dead reliable. The QS is in my room and gets used every once in a while. The other 2.7GHz G5 and my MDD live in the closet. Since the MDD doesn’t get used I am considering to ebay it as the QS does fine. My Digital Audio 466MHz and the B&W G4 450MHz live out in the shed. A friend was going to buy the G4 B&W however the deal has seemed to fall through and I still have it!

I need to cut down on desktops, so if you’d like a DA, B&W G4, or a MDD give me an email and maybe it’ll be yours!

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