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Using The 2.7GHz G5 – Day One

This is a post I wish I made video for, but enjoy the read! This was an entire day of stuff I had to mess with, I wanted to work on the MDD a bit but that’s for tomorrow! Keep … Continue reading

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Power Mac G5 – 2.7GHz Take Two

Earlier on my blog and throughout the PowerPC Centre facebook page, I have talked a bit regarding to a Liquid Cooled 2.7GHz Power Mac G5. I traded Robert (my now best friend, who has done quite a bit for me … Continue reading

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Experiences with a 2.7GHz G5

Figured that I would write up this post so that I can share my experiences with this G5. Since the case was a bit bent/broken when UPS shipped it, my original intention was to get another G5 of some sort … Continue reading

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Measure Temperature of your Mac

After wanting to see what the temps were on my new 2.7GHz G5, I was looking for a solution and came across a program called Temperature Monitor. I then could see that the G5 was getting pretty toasty and at … Continue reading

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Using a G5 Radeon 9600 with a G4 MDD

With a spare graphics card and a MDD that could use double the memory of the stock Radeon 9000, we set out to do just that. After some precision cutting and taping (pins 3 & 11 on the back side), … Continue reading

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