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PPCC 2017 – Day 1 – Configuring the G5 Quad

So before I even start the challenge, I need to set up my Macs. I didn’t get home until 6pm this evening, I feel terrible after a long new years night as well as snow wheeling in my truck, and … Continue reading

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How Useful is a Mac mini G4?

I purchased a 1.42GHz model off ebay a few months back for less than $40, and at the same time questioning myself why I bought it in the first place. In the past, I owned a 1.33GHz mini and thought … Continue reading

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Measure Temperature of your Mac

After wanting to see what the temps were on my new 2.7GHz G5, I was looking for a solution and came across a program called Temperature Monitor. I then could see that the G5 was getting pretty toasty and at … Continue reading

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Time Machine Scheduler

After working on a Mac Pro server and experiencing super slow performance with students signing in taking several minutes, there had to be something to speed up everything. Time Machine doesn’t need to be backed up every hour so I … Continue reading

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Adium IM Client

Adium 1.3.10 is cool in a variety of ways. This is pretty much the iMac (all in one) of instant messaging, choosing from Faceboo, Yahoo, Jabber, MSN upon many more. Where you can benifit from this is in a few … Continue reading

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VLC’s new Update for PowerPC

Yesterday, VLC gave the PowerPC world the 2.0.10 update for PowerPC and Intel Macs with a Core Solo/Duo running Leopard or Snow Leopard. This came to the PowerPC Community as a surprise, after VideoLAN announcing that all PowerPC projects would … Continue reading

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