Trying this again – Purchased another G5 Quad

Well I did not plan on this purchase, but…

I was at work yesterday looking at craigslist to see if there was anything good and with my luck, there was a 3 day old posting for a G5 quad and a 23″ ACD for $150. I emailed the guy and to my luck he still had it so when I got off work I drove the hour and a half to Reno so I could come home with it.

Since I promised the guy I was coming to get it tonight he let me have it for $100 which made the deal even sweeter. I met him at his office where he makes TV shows and is currently working on a midwestern show that will be a “Netflix Original” in the near future.

I looked at the G5 and it was in pristine shape, it was purchased and used by a Charter School in Reno and eventually he ended up with it and installed was the entire Adobe CS3 collection. The display didn’t have a scratch on it. So I gave him my money and started to head towards In-n-out burger to pick up some dinner and head home but that was interrupted by my 2003 Ram 2500 with the 5.7L hemi deciding to start overheating so I parked in the Peppermill parking lot and waited.

On the way home I brought plenty of sweatshirts to keep things from getting scratches, and my MacBook Air is hidden under them.


I ended up not getting food and drove home (truck didn’t overheat!), and discovered the clutch fan was the cause of overheating in my truck.

I hooked the G5 up and used it for a bit, it’s packing 12GB of Ram (4x1GB and 4x2GB sticks) which will be upgraded to 16GB this evening, 256MB Geforce 6600, 250GB WD hard drive, and the rare Bluetooth/Airport card. My other quad didn’t have one but my dual core 2GHz did.

This G5 has been unmolested with the factory plastic pin and still runs in between 105-130*F at idle while being quiet, a nice touch over my other Quad.

My previous G5 will be used for parts and maybe someday if I ever find a single pump LCS to rebuild I’ll put it into the other machine so it is still semi-usable. Or shoot, maybe swap in a DC 2.3 or 2.0GHz processor and heatsink.

Time to resume my projects 🙂


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