Flipping through Macs

Usually most people buy a machine and keep it for quite some time, but I tend to flip them myself. I enjoy finding a new mac to use and see which one I like the most, and below I’ll explain the macs I liked, since I have owned almost every model of NWR Macs except a Xserve and a iMac G3! Oh – and a PowerBook G3, TiBook, and a colorful iBook. Besides that I’ve owned everything else surprisingly. In Intel land I have tended to flip through machines too, I was previously on a Late 2008 2.4GHz 15″ MBP and now I use a Early 2009 2.66GHz 15″ MBP. I’ve owned many 2006-early08 pre-unibody MBPs as well!

Favorite Mac? I actually really liked my 1.67 PowerBook G4 17″ that was the early 2005 model that used DDR still. I bought it for $40 locally and the screen was full of lines so I busted a nut and spent $90 on a new LCD. The thing was huge and that computer was extremely stable and gave me no issues, however I was hurting for money so off it went to some guy on the East Coast.

FullSizeRender(7)Worst Mac? iMac G5 iSight 1.9GHz 17″ for sure. This is the only Mac I ever parted out. I spent $62 on it in January 2013, and after taking the heat gun to the GPU I got another few weeks out of it. After that I pretty much took a few parts that were savable and smashed the display into half. The front casing is actually up on my wall surrounding a clock that shows the temperature as well!

599195_587159487964025_611816795_nThe longest time I’ve owned a Mac? My 400MHz Blue & White. This was my first Mac that I bought for $20 in March of 2011. It was missing a SCSI cable, ram, and the PCI graphics card. Luckily at the time I had a friend (who backstabbed me later that year and ultimately started DyNiForm and proceeded to make these other sites) that hooked me up with the GPU and some ram out of his B&W. I still own this Mac and it’s newest upgrade was a 128MB Radeon 9200 and a 450MHz FastMac G4 however I recently sold those two parts to a friend.

1489605_732446220102017_121276008_oSo how many G3s, G4s, and G5s have you owned?
PowerPC G3 – 3
(B&W 400MHz; 500MHz iBook; 700MHz iBook)
PowerPC G4 – 14
(466MHz DA; Dual 1GHz QS; Dual 1GHz MDD; 400MHz Cube; 1.33GHz mini; 2x 800MHz iMac G4 15″; 867MHz PBG4; 1GHz iBook; 1GHz PBG4; 1.42GHz iBook 14″; 1.5GHz PBG4 12″; 1.67GHz 15″ PB; 1.67GHz 17″ PB)
PowerPC G5 – 5
(iMac G5 1.6GHz 15″; iMac G5 1.9GHz 15″; Power Mac G5 2GHz (early 05); Power Mac G5 2.3GHz (early 05); Power Mac G5 2.7GHz (early 05))

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Swapping a 1.5GHz Logic Board into a 1GHz PowerBook G4 12″

When I originally bought the 1GHz PowerBook, I planned to use it as a quick little portable machine which is even smaller than my 14” iBook G4. I never expected this to turn into a 1.5GHz, so continue reading on :)

So I was on ebay one night and figured I’d take a look at the ending soon auction items. I came across a 1GHz 12” PowerBook G4 that was at $11.30 +$16 for shipping. I bidded and wasn’t thinking I’d win, but I did at $12. Needless to say at first I thought it would be a good deal and then it turned out not to be. When I received it, the condition was excellent and included was a case, the big Apple stickers, some manuals, the software CD for OS X Panther, and a few receipts. In December of 2004 the LCD was replaced. However upon first start up the hard drive was dead, as was the SuperDrive, and the battery was deader than a rock. I took it all apart to try fixing those things however it got worse where the machine would turn on and make lots of noises with no display.

Luckily for me, my buddy Robby happened to have a parts 12” 1.5GHz model sitting around that he shipped up to me, and I knew for a fact this machine booted, so I knew I should be in luck.

Then the teardown begins! There are a lot of screws so you have to be careful with them and be sure not to mix any up. In the picture below I was definitely much more organized on the left side.

g4 screws
Ok, so I did find a few differences internally. First is the modem, it is quite huge on the 1GHz, whereas it’s much smaller on the 1.5GHz with a large shield. The 1GHz has 2 screws holding it down whereas the 1.5GHz is 3. The next thing I noticed, in the 1GHz the internal frame where you route cables has no teeth, making it a pain to keep wires in one spot, and the fall effect sensor board over the optical drive had no teeth either, unlike the 1.5, however since I am switching the optical drives between the two I will now have teeth on that side as well.

Looking at the logic boards side by side, I noticed that the modem connector is small on  the 1GHz, and on the 1.5GHz it is much bigger and closer to the ODD connector, where the old connector was is now the third riser for the modem. Also, the thermal pads stay attached to the 1GHz board, while they are attached to the heatsink with the 1.5GHz. Besides that, all the connectors for everything else are in the same place.

logic boards
Good news! Everything was able to be successfully swapped. All the internals except the speaker/bluetooth card are out of the 1.5GHz, and the old 1GHz display was used. On the casing, the entire outside is the 1GHz, while the top case is used from the 1.5GHz for two finger tap/scroll. It may have been possible to use the old trackpad off the 1GHz, but it may not have worked due to the trackpad utilizing USB on the 2005 models (all across the Apple laptop line).

The PowerBook G4 now runs happy with OS X Leopard and has been stable so far. Have yet to run into any issues, so a new battery has been ordered! I am once again on a hunt for a 15″ or a 17″ PBG4, so we shall see!


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Dropbox and PowerPC Support

I realize this post is late, but in case you didn’t know Dropbox is dropping support for OS X Tiger and Leopard this May. This is a huge nail into the coffin, and Dropbox has pretty much given us the middle finger no matter how many times we attempt to show our disappointment in their decision.

Dropbox-LogoOur best hope is that either Dropbox makes a legacy version for us to use with similar era Windows and Linux machines, or we see if some company creates a cloud service like Dropbox.

I realize some people don’t use Dropbox, but here is a reason a friend of mine uses it (and so do I), I write these posts on my iBook G4 or my PowerBook G4, toss them in Dropbox, and they are right there ready to be uploaded here. Or, if I have music I want to transfer over to either laptop without a flash drive, just toss it into Dropbox. The list of possibilities is endless.

Below is the response regarding the death of Dropbox + PowerPC

Hi everyone,

We understand this is disruptive to some of our users and that’s why we’ve announced this many months in advance. I’ve read all of your responses and wanted to provide some additional background on why we’re ending support for OS X 10.4 and 10.5.

Supporting these old versions of OS X would come at the expense of improvements for more recent versions of OS X. Allowing people to continue running what would become an old version of the desktop client is not an option because sometimes we must make non-backwards compatible changes to the way the client talks to the Dropbox servers.

Read on for more details…

Continuing to have our desktop client support 10.4 and 10.5 would come at the expense of improving the experience for more recent versions of OS X. The latest versions of several important components (3rd party software libraries) we rely upon no longer support 10.4 or 10.5. These updated versions have important improvements, bug fixes, and additional functionality. It would be a disservice to the vast majority of our Mac users running recent versions of OS X if we did not update to the latest versions of these components.

Several of you have suggested allowing people to continue using the current version of the desktop client (which in time would become an old version of the desktop client). This would not work because from time to time we must make non-backwards compatible changes to the way the desktop client communicates with our servers. For example in the coming months we will need to make a change to how we represent the underlying identifier we use for certain types of folders. This change is needed because Dropbox has become so much more popular than we initially imagined that we’ll need to switch from using a 32-bit identifier to a 64-bit identifier. This is just one example of a breaking change that periodically must be made.

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The Second 12″ PowerBook G4

If you haven’t been able to tell from my past, I usually buy a machine and flip it (ie. G4 Cube, 15″ PB, 17″ PB, etc) and every so often there is a machine that I keep.

With that in mind, a year and a half ago I was good friends with this girl at school who was moving to Florida after our sophomore year of high school. She always wanted a Mac, so I went on eBay and bought a 12″ 867MHz G4 which was about $70. When I received it I tore it all apart (an utter nightmare) to make sure the laptop was perfect. And the next day I gave it to her and she was happy.

At the time I had a 2012 13″ MacBook Air and it was neat to compare them, and after having that one for a day I wanted to have another. So last week I was hunting through Craigslist and found another 12″ PowerBook that was quite cheap. I won the auction at $11 with $17 shipping making a $28 laptop. Specs were unknown, but the seller was the original owner who barely used it and bought in New Orleans in 2003. This narrowed it down to a 867MHz or 1GHz model and I was able to confirm that it was a 1GHz from the ports. 867 machines had Mini-VGA while the 1GHz+ have Mini-DVI.

Back to this PB in particular, included with the auction is the original power adapter, manuals, and the OS X Panther disc. The ram is maxed out so I’ll be tossing Leopard on this machine.

Okay, I had this post saved as a draft until I actually received the machine. So upon arrival I received more than I thought, as there were receipts and in 2004 the LCD was replaced. Also there were two Apple stickers, of which were the biggest I’ve ever seen shipped with an Apple product. Also received a neat case for the PB.

Unfortunately, the hard drive was dead and the optical drive seems to have died as well. These machines take the cake for being the toughest that I have dealt with, and even after swapping a SuperDrive from an iSight iMac G5 and a 20GB hard drive from an iBook G3, the ODD was broken as well. I was able to use panther for a bit, then the fan wasn’t too happy so I turned it off.

Haven’t touched it in a week, however my buddy Robby (who has helped me with stuff in the past, ie. the 14″ iBook and the 2.7GHz G5s) happened to have a parts 1.5GHz model that was missing screws that he is shipping me. Needless to say, the laptop is turning into a 1.5GHz model! So more on the PowerBook in the next week or so!! Sorry for no pictures, I looked on my phone and I haven’t taken a single one.

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The G4 Cube I owned for less than a week

This one is a bit of a funny story, I posted a picture of it on the Facebook page when I had it in my hands for twenty minutes.

Okay! So during the Christmas holidays I stay a week or so at my grandparents in the Sacramento area. On December 28, my cousin was staying the night so I hopped on Craigslist and found a Cube for sale when they were asking $100. By the point I saw the ad it had been up for 14 days so I texted the guy and asked if $80 would work. He said yes so in a matter of 45 minutes I went with my cousin to the guys house and walked away with my cube.

Unfortunately the stand on the included 15″ Studio Display was broken, and I looked on ebay for a hinge and could not find one, only for a 17″ which is a hair too big.

Got to use the Cube for probably a total of two hours, and on the MacRumors forum a member was looking for a Cube which bought mine and another member’s both at the same time. And as a heads up if you are selling a cube – they are slightly over 20 pounds and to ship from CA to KY was $44. Use UPS/FedEx instead!! Since then, the buyer has bought many other things from me (B&W upgrades like a 450MHz G4 and a Radeon 9200).

Definitely a neat little machine unfortunately I couldn’t get much of a use out of it as I would rather use the dual 1GHz QuickSilver.


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2015 News and Stuff!

Wow, it’s 2015. I know I am saying this several days late but it’s crazy. I graduated high school a semester early (December 2014) so that I could be hired by the school to work on computers. This is also really crazy because I turned 17 just over two months ago and I am out of high school.

Okay, so other news! I’ll go into each one with more depth, but here is a quick rundown. I bought and owned a G4 Cube for a few days and now it is sold, bought a 12″ 1GHz PowerBook G4 from the original owner, and I now have lots of time to work on cool things like the Yosemite pack and add even more software to the site.

A bit of a quick post, however like I said I will explain each one more on depth every day!!

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Happy Thanksgiving and a new Server for the Archives

First of all, happy thanksgiving, and I hope everyone has a nice dinner tomorrow with the family!

Recently these past few days my server has been hit hard with downloads. It’s so bad I can’t even keep a user on my minecraft server because my upload bandwidth is maxed out from people downloading software off the archive. But not to worry, today I started migrating everything over to Google Drive, where users should be able to download files at a much faster speed than my personal server, and not kill the download speed of other people trying to download at the same time, especially those downloading OpenOffice/NeoOffice/etc. If the application is smaller than 25MB, the link is direct. If the app is bigger than 25MB, a page will pop up saying that Google couldn’t virus scan it, but not to worry!

dnfsvr hfs

And in other news, I have a three day weekend ahead so I plan on updating the Yosemite icon pack and either finishing the games page or the Tiger page on the ‘Archive, so stay tuned!

And Minecraft is coming soon, a helpful MacRumors member provided me with some info to get it running (will be version 1.5.2). The unfortunate thing is that it will be single player, however I will look into creating a multiplayer server so the PowerPC enthusiasts can build upon it :)

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