Updated iOS 7 Screensaver for Leopard

Almost two years ago I wrote a post about an iOS 7 style screensaver for Leopard. After realizing the link was hosted on a server that is long offline, I found a version I had stored on Google Drive. That and this PPC Challenge isn’t a bad thing, it’s giving me time to fix things that are broken or need to be updated 🙂

Now there is a bonus, @bodysoulspirit at some point in the past made a minor update with a new wallpaper and the text is a bit cleaner. I have included this in the pack as well as the original iOS 7 screensaver.

Download the pack here! It’s a 15.5MB Zip File

iOS Screensaver Preview



iOS 7 Screensaver Preview



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2 Responses to Updated iOS 7 Screensaver for Leopard

  1. Paul Miller says:

    Hey so I have an Apple eMac 1Ghz. I use it as jukebox/music player and I was wondering if your Spotify playlist still sync. Today I noticed that my playlist were not up to date with Spotify on my MacBook Pro and Android Phone.

    I uninstalled Spotify on the eMac and reinstalled it and now none of my playlist are showing up at all I’m just wondering if you are having this issue also

    • gavinstubbs09 says:

      I just did a clean install of Leopard on my G5 this afternoon and I do have an error saying “Playlist Error” however all my playlists and songs are still there. Checked them out on my desktop and MacBook Air and it all seems good so far!

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